Discover the Sound of Music in Salzburg, Austria. All the well-known sights from the film are accessible from the four-star Hotel Hubertushof in Anif near Salzburg, Austria.

Welcome to the Hotel Hubertushof at the heart of Sound of Music land. The 1965 film has captured the imagination of many around the world and this is your opportunity to visit some of the locations used to make the film in and around Salzburg.

The Gazebo in the gardens of Hellbrunn Palace is where Liesl and Franz first meet and it attracts 300,000 visitors a year. The interiors of the palace were used for the interior shots of the house.

The mountain that the family climb at the end of the film to escape is in fact Mount Untersberg, which can be seen from the balcony of most rooms in the Hotel Hubertushof.

Leopoldskron Castle was one of three large mansions used during the making of the film. It served as a backdrop for scenes that took place at the rear of the house.

Of course, the Sound of Music is based on a true story. Visit Salzburg and walk the same streets that the von Trapps walked over half a century ago. Take the opportunity to view the real Trapp Villa in Aigen in southern Salzburg, not far from your Hotel Hubertushof in Anif.

Follow the tracks of Maria and the Captain: experience the Sound of Music in Salzburg

During your visit the staff at Hotel Hubertushof will give you directions to all the sights associated with the Sound of Music in Salzburg, Austria. Send your online enquiry now and you will soon be following in the footsteps of the von Trapp family.